Bluegreen Learning

We love it when....


At Bluegreen Learning we help people be effective T-shaped* contributors to their workplaces – combining technical knowledge with broader skills.

By providing workplace learning in leading innovation and marketing, we create learners who have the knowledge, confidence and motivation to use new skills, processes or approaches in their working lives to have an impact on themselves, their businesses and external stakeholders. 

And we help them share the impact they’ve had more widely in their workplace and the communities they are part of.


Our approach



Improving how you lead your team so your business is more successful, facilitating more creative ideas in your organisation so it can change and grow. Planning your marketing and business development more effectively to win more new clients or better manage existing ones. Creating a better way of doing things. That’s what we love helping our clients to do.


We are passionate about everyone’s ability to develop their skills and thinking, to improve processes and how they lead and manage teams. Applying newly-learned processes and skills to real work challenges will bring positive change and help you be self-sufficient. Which is why combining training and coaching and on-going support is so crucial for you to realise benefits from learning.


We believe that a more complex working world demands a more collaborative approach. Collaborative working between teams and departments, across organisations and with suppliers and customers is effective and powerful: it brings diverse perspectives to solve your problems and builds trust to make things happen more quickly.  And sharing your knowledge and experience will help you, and others, keep learning.


*Stanford University coined the term “T-shaped thinking” to reflect the growing need for us to combine our vertical, in-depth technical knowledge with our broader creativity and social skills, helping us work in multi-disciplinary teams