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Rachael Wheatley


Rachael is an experienced business development and marketing professional who has worked in-house for a number of organisations prior to setting up her own business. For the last 15 years she has worked within the professional and business services sectors.  

Rachael joined a well-established business development consultancy called The PACE Partners in 2009, specialising in supporting professional services firms and helping them feel more comfortable and confident in selling. In addition, as a director of Bluegreen Learning, Rachael offers marketing and business development consultancy to clients to help them work smarter in both these areas.

Rachael is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Chartered Marketer and has completed an accredited coaching course.

How Rachael can help

Rachael works with organisations around business development, marketing and account management.  Working mainly in the professional services and B2B field, she helps implement business and marketing strategies and plans, sets up and runs key account management programmes and other strategic projects, improves external and internal communications, develops and coaches marketing staff and professionals – all with the aim of helping to win more customers or better manage existing ones.

Rachael is passionate about the need for marketing and business development teams to work collaboratively with colleagues in the business.  Historically, there has been a ‘them and us’ attitude between those doing client work and ‘support’ functions such as marketing, HR and IT, and even divisions between sales and marketing teams. A more effective approach requires people to move towards greater interdependence. Marketing teams will be more motivated and better able to help their colleagues improve relationships with clients and win new business.

A little known fact about Rachael

She really likes to go to the cinema in the afternoon – but alas it doesn’t happen very often!

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