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Creativity to innovation: harnessing ideas


Overcoming the 'Innovation Bind'

There is an increasing need for innovation but under the pressure to innovate we are much more likely to revert to habit and make only small changes that will deliver only marginal improvements.

This is the 'innovation bind'.

We help you overcome barriers to innovation so that you can better meet demands from customers and produce the range and quality of ideas you need.

Is this you?                                              

  • We need to encourage creative problem solving throughout the organisation
  • What's the best way of making sure we produce a consistent stream of commercially-viable, quality, novel ideas?
  • How can we involve more people in generating innovative ideas?
  • How can our leaders learn the skills to support ideas from concept to pilot to wider adoption?

How we can help

Improve your creative problem solving skills

We focus on the skills and tools you need to manage and implement innovation projects

Find out more about our tried-and-tested course

Identify if your organisation encourages innovation? 

The Situational Outlook Questionnaire (SOQ) measures people’s perceptions of the climate for creativity, innovation and change.  

How you can use the SOQ to make innovation more likely

Facilitate creativity in groups - help your leaders and internal change agents learn the skills and tools to facilitate creative problem in work groups. We use an approach to learning creativity skills that has been researched and developed over 50 years. 

What the programme covers.

Market research

Research is critical to inform your business plans and help you make decisions about new products or services. Research reports can look at the market landscape, identify opportunities and threats and scope out competitors.  

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