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The skills you need for successful innovation


What innovation capabilities do you have - and which do you need?

innovation capabilities report 

Our interim report collates data from organisations who have participated in our research so far. These comprise a range of organisations, both public sector and private, large, medium and small.

It looks at which of the 16 innovation capabilities are currently important, and which will be most important in the future. We have also found out what organisations think of how effectivelly they perform these skills.

You'll learn:

  • why innovation remains top of the list of skills that organisations need 
  • in which areas the gap is growing between important capabilities and organisations' abilities in those areas
  • what will be most important in the future
  • the capability that shows the greatest increase in importance and why
  • what companies' key innovation challenge is
  • what capabilties organisations need to improve to meet these challenges
  • seven recommendations for change

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